Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Tender-Hearted Neelsie


A Few of His Words

  • "Half of you (the South African Parliament) are a bunch of donkeys." Upon the demand that he retracts or be censured, he replied: "I stand corrected. Half of you are not a bunch of donkeys."

  • God made the world like a knife. We have the choice to take it by the handle or the blade.
  • Don't listen to a man who says we have to work together as a team. He means we have to work as he says.
  • There are dogs that only have to growl. They have already proved that they can bite.
  • Some parents warn their kids, but never get so far as to actually punish them. It would be better if they just gave their kids permission to do wrong.

  • Avoid being a bad fighter - it is bad enough that you got into the fight in the first place. If you lose, then the at least you should be proud of the way that you have conducted yourself. If you win, then do it in such a way that you will not have the same trouble tomorrow.
  • There are people who are so cautious that they are careful not to waste their fear.
  • To tell untruths is like hiding in a house with no back door.
  • We all take good care of our health after we had damaged it beyond repair.

  • It takes a well-practiced thinker to keep his own opinion in check.
  • It does not help to have your oxen die from the thirst while you debate over which road will get you to the waterhole first.
  • You have the right to be a coward regarding your own stuff. You have no right to be a coward regarding someone else's - it is not yours to give up.
  • Being right in an argument usually has a negative profit.

  • Always look men in the eye: your father was also a man; but take your hat off for women, because your mother was a woman.
  • Perform good work, even to those who do not care. The man who cares will see it and order something from you.
  • It does not mean much to be important. The most important man at a burial is dead.
  • Your eyes are open, unless you shut them. Your mouth is closed unless you open it. Nothing is ever said, unless you said it on purpose.

  • For every happy tongue, there are many unhappy ears.
  • Be careful if you mix friendship and business. You might ruin both.
  • To test a man, determine how much it takes to make him lie.

  • Yes is like credit, No is like cash.
  • Be kind to your enemy. Even if he is wrong, he has the right to differ from you.
  • It could be disastrous to speak your mind while you are deep in thought.
  • People who do not like to work like to keep others from their work.

  • Don’t come to someone with an argument. He might think you always look like that.
  • Before you envy my shining shoes, take a moment to think about the bunions that they cover up.
  • Plow the rocky soil yourself, and let your servant plow where the dirt is soft. This way you will retain them both.
  • Many people better than you and me have been here before us. After they have died we have somehow managed to survive.

  • One time I have decided to be straightforward and to tell everyone exactly what I thought. I quickly changed my mind when my neighbors started doing the same thing to me.
  • On his gravestone: "Do not analyze my strengths and my weaknesses. God will do that much better.". (Liberal Translation).
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