Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Children of The Wind


From the Afrikaans poem “Kinders van die Wind”
by Koos du Plessis.

I know an age-old song
about life’s joys and woes;
about shipwrecks long gone
to the cellars of the sea.

The words are lost forever
but still, the tune persists —
like a dimly recalled image
from a very old folk tale.

Visions, dreams, and names,
have been scattered by the wind
and where all the words went
only a child could see.

Nomads, with no direction;
Seekers that never find…
In the end, we are all just
children of the wind.



nikita said...

hi Jan Tik..dis mooi hierdie, het jy dit vertaal, ek sal dit graag een of ander tyd wil blog, sal graag wil weet of dit jou eie vertaling is.. dankie!

Jan Tik said...

Ja, die vertaling is myne. Jy is welkom om dit te gebruik :)